Factory and Shed Concrete Floors

concrete floors for sheds and factories

Concrete Flooring

Looking to turn your floor into concrete? CEC Concrete specialises in developing durable and high-quality concrete floors for factories or sheds in Melbourne.

Our floor concreters are highly trained professionals who have extensive experience in completing projects within commercial, industrial and domestic spaces. 

Get in touch with our concreting experts at CEC Concrete to get the best quality concrete flooring in Melbourne. We’ll do a site inspection after which we’ll then provide you with a free no-obligation quote for your concrete floor requirements.


Our Concrete Factory Floors and Shed Floors in Melbourne

We are able to efficiently deliver any concrete floor finish you desire - be it an exposed aggregate, a polished sheen, patterns, colours and more.

We only utilise the best range of floor concreting products to ensure safe, durable and reliable factory floor and shed floor finishes.

The products we use are completely eco-friendly. That means zero pollutive impacts on the environment. We’re therefore happy to confirm our 100% compliance with the OHS.


Benefits of Concrete Flooring

  • Sustainable - avoid the consumption of new materials
  • Easy maintenance - concrete floors only requires a simple wash
  • Versatile - can be finished with any aesthetic appeal you’d like, i.e. exposed aggregate, subtle cracks, polished, patterns, plain/natural, stained or coloured
  • Durable - well-maintained concrete floors can last for over 100 years


Why Choose Us?

High-Quality Concrete

We create concrete floors using only the best quality concrete products the industry has to offer, to ensure safe, effective and durable results.

Experienced Contractors

Our contractors at CEC Concrete are highly experienced and trained in the application of concrete flooring in factories and sheds. We therefore know exactly how to create and treat concrete flooring for a long-lasting finish.

OHS Compliant

The concreting products used fully comply with Australia’s health and safety regulations. Our products are non-toxic and promise zero contamination to the environment.

Personalised Services

We take a tailored approach when developing an appropriate action plan. The process we use during your project will be tailored to your unique needs and desired surface finish.

High Customer Satisfaction

We aim to exceed customer expectations and ensure that our end-result always matches our customers’ concreting vision.

Competitive Prices for Concrete Floors

All customers are guaranteed competitive prices for concrete factory and shed flooring. No matter the size of your project, we do not compromise on quality.

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Call Now to Discuss Your Concrete Project 👉👉👉

Call Now to Discuss Your Concrete Project 👉👉👉