Exposed Aggregate

exposed aggregate concrete for driveways, patios and other surfaces

Exposed aggregate adds a great aesthetic touch to concrete surfaces. It’s created by removing the surface fines from concrete to expose the internal aggregates and accentuate the stone.

At CEC Concrete, we have a team of tradesmen who are highly specialised in creating functional and aesthetically appealing exposed aggregate concrete for many industries in Melbourne.

We offer an excellent range of exposed aggregate concrete. In fact, we guarantee we have an option that will bring your residential, industrial or commercial ideas to life.

Get in touch with our concreting contractors at CEC Concrete to get the best quality exposed aggregate in Melbourne. We’ll do a site inspection, after which we will then provide you with a free no-obligation quote based on your requirements.

Melbourne’s Favourite Exposed Aggregate Specialists

What makes us Melbourne’s favourite exposed aggregate specialists is:

  • We provide high quality, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly services at affordable prices.
  • We only utilise the best products in the industry to guarantee our customers a durable finish to their surface.
  • Our contractors are equipped with the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to complete any small, medium or large project you throw at us.
  • Be it a driveway, pool surrounds, pathways or al frescos, we can turn your concrete into a safe anti-slip surface that compliments the style and architecture of your property.

Benefits of Choosing Exposed Aggregate Concrete

It is one of the most durable elements used for many concrete applications. It is perfect for constructing non-slip surfaces, handling heavy traffic and has a lifelong longevity.

Aesthetic value
It satiates the ability to ensure concrete surfaces match the style and architecture of your property; thus adding eye-catching value to the face of your property.

Low maintenance
Simply give your exposed aggregate surface a wash to make it look new. The best part about the exposed concrete surface is that you do not need to worry about scratches and stains.

Whether it is extremely hot, raining or snowing heavily or there is a hailstorm, exposed concrete can withstand all climatic pressures and will maintain its finish against every season.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing textures and colours for your exposed aggregate project. You can therefore match the style of your property to enhance its aesthetic value.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Products
For the development of durable surfaces, we only utilise the best quality and eco-friendly products in the industry.

Experienced Professionals
Having worked on a wide range of projects across many industries, our contractors in Melbourne have the necessary skills and experience required to deliver the best results.

OHS Compliant
The products we use fully comply with the OHS. We’re therefore able to safely carry out projects anywhere in Melbourne and guarantee zero negative impacts to the environment.

Personalised Services
To prevent any damage to your landscape, we take a tailored consultative approach before we begin work.

High Customer Satisfaction
Our clients are always left highly satisfied with the exposed aggregate results we furnish. With our many happy customers across Melbourne, we have generated high customer satisfaction rates.

Competitive Exposed Aggregate Prices
Whether your requirements are small or large, we offer competitive prices with compromising on quality.

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